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PRK Sport Group

Our mission is customer satisfaction and offering quality solutions to our customers

Why Choose PRK Sport  - The way we work and the type of vehicles we bet on makes our company compete directly with new cars, with the added value of getting a high quality car for the price of an entry level economy new vehicle.  You will be able to afford and enjoy a car segment with safety levels, comfort and quality undoubtedly superior and with all the guarantees similar to new vehicles.
Example: for the price of a new gasoline city car, you can buy a medium / high-end diesel car and so on, giving you and your family higher standards of comfort and safety.

Reasons to choose PRK Sport 

Our aim is to provide the best service, customer satisfaction and quick solution to any needs that arise either at the time of sale or during or after the sale.

  1. EXQUiSITE SELECTION OF VEHICLES - PRK Sport acquires its vehicles in credible sources of purchase and this fact allows us to assure without a doubt the accuracy of  the odometer readings. The strict inspection made in the acquisition of the vehicles allows us to identify if they have been in an accident or if they have any serious difect or engine mal function, which in either scenario we will never buy. We have advantageous relations with several Financial and Fleet Managers who contract the Renting / Aov service (operational rental of vehicles) with large companies. These companies renew their fleets in very short time frames because the financial product by which the vehicles are purchased so requires, in addition these vehicles have a very meticulous and strict maintenance program in official dealers of their brands.
  2. ALL THE VEHICLES ARE CERTIFIED - In addition to our strictly selected fleet, PRK Sport also sells some vehicles that have been taken back since they, after having undergone a rigorous technical inspection in accredited centers for that purpose, approved to be without anormalies and in excellent  conditions of operation and safety.
  3.  WARRANTY - Our warranty allows in the event of a possible failure to solve it in a workshop near your area of ​​residence, thus avoiding travel to our facilities. It is comfortable and offers you complete autonomy. We have this type of warranty because we sell a lot through this fantastic medium of communication, "the internet".

From an answer to any repair to your car, to the wide range of cars for sale, to a solution to rent a car. PRK Sport is always by your side, come and meet us.

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Mon thru Sat: 10 AM to 8 PM

Our Mission is to serve the best our customers and provide excelente service and quality.